Your Friday Pitch at Startup Weekend Malta


general13Here is how to make a great pitch at Startup Weekend Malta. It is the same as any other pitching opportunity and remember pitching can be fun too. You have 60 seconds to pitch your idea. This should be a quick introduction to engage with the audience and motivate people into working on your concept. As the Startup Weekend Malta event will invite an international attendance, all pitches are held in English.

Use this formula to tell us (approx times)
1. who you are and the Title of your idea (5 seconds)
2. the Problem you have identified (10 seconds)
3. the Solution you propose (20 seconds)
4. the Unique difference your solution will make (10 seconds)
5. your Requirements: the people, skills and technology you need this weekend (15 seconds)

Remember to NAME your startup so people can vote for your concept and Happy Startups!

malta_v01-620-280 Startup Weekend Malta is a not-for-profit event that invites startups to pitch their ideas to the attendees in 60 seconds. The attendees at the event vote on the ideas then the top 10 projects are picked out. Attendees join a team to build these projects over the weekend. Business models, marketing plans, social media campaigns, mobile apps, web code, cool designs, customer explorations and validations are conducted and analysed. All this is done in the spirit of the fast moving startup. On Sunday, a panel of judges gives feedback on the ten projects and a winner is chosen.

Startup Weekend comes to the island of Malta

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Startup Weekend Malta