Startup Weekend Malta: Lets look at Venture Risk


RiskStartup Venture Risk. Let us look at risk in a startup venture. You need the capability to take risks in business. A startup is a more risky business than other businesses. So you need that little extra capability to take risks in a startup. That’s the territory. That’s the general rule for startup businesses. They are a more risky commercial venture. The risk is the risk of loosing out financially. If you are the investor it is the liability you carry when you seek the level of returns you desire. You win some, you loose some. If you are a partner in a startup, you take a personal risk. That personal risk also includes the risk of loosing out financially. But, let’s face it, there’s risk being employed in a government organisation. They may loose part of their budget. Frighteningly often they loose their entire budget and they are wiped away with the introduction of new governments and new administrations. Similarly in large corporations, they may elect to change direction, change location, retire one or more of their corporate divisions or they too may go under, entirely. Recently we have seen this occur more and more often.

So is a startup business more risky? The answer is probably yes. But a more accurate, if less catchy, question is: Does a startup business offer value to you the startup director and to the investor? So we go from the topic of risk to the topic of value. But that’s another blog, yes?

malta_v01-620-280 Startup Weekend Malta is a not-for-profit event that invites startups to pitch their ideas to the attendees in 60 seconds. The attendees at the event vote on the ideas then the top 10 projects are picked out. Attendees join a team to build these projects over the weekend. Business models, marketing plans, social media campaigns, mobile apps, web code, cool designs, customer explorations and validations are conducted and analysed. All this is done in the spirit of the fast moving startup. On Sunday, a panel of judges gives feedback on the ten projects and a winner is chosen.

Startup Weekend comes to the island of Malta

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