Entrepreneur spirit alive and well in Malta




Take a look at these photos of Startup Weekend Malta. Take a look at the queue of entrepreneurs up and out of their seats, eager to share their ideas, to gain support and to form new startup teams in Malta. You need no more evidence that the wholesome variety of Entrepreneur spirit is alive and well and spreading its wings on the island of Malta. The stage is set now for A TRULY SUPERB first ever official Startup Weekend on the island of Malta. Eight new startup teams are in for the ride of their lives.


Here is the video of the pitching session at Startup Weekend Malta. Enjoy this resource and remember to share this with friends and colleagues. Click Here for the video. We look forward to helping the teams to formulate their plans and to sharing this great event with you all. Grab hold of one of the organisers tomorrow morning (Saturday) if you need any help or need to understand anything further. OK. Good Luck and Happy Startups?


Startup Weekend Malta is a not-for-profit event that invites startups to pitch their ideas to the attendees in 60 seconds. The attendees at the event vote on the ideas then the top 10 projects are picked out. Attendees join a team to build these projects over the weekend. Business models, marketing plans, social media campaigns, mobile apps, web code, cool designs, customer explorations and validations are conducted and analysed. All this is done in the spirit of the fast moving startup. On Sunday, a panel of judges gives feedback on the ten projects and a winner is chosen.

Startup Weekend comes to the island of Malta

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Startup Weekend Malta