The entrepreneurialism of Startup Weekend Malta


pitch1The job market is continuously evolving. Some skills that were in demand several years ago are today outdated. The skill that is a sure constant is that of entrepreneurialism. This is what startup weekend is all about.
The idea of Startup Weekend is simple, to pass on the basics on how to set up a successful business through action. It not only teaches the path but goes a huge leap forward and inspires creativity and ideas, turning them into concrete opportunities in under 54 hours.
But what is on offer is a lot more than learning skills and creating jobs.
Those that live in the tech world often dream about working in Silicon Valley for some up and coming start up. Thinking big, dreaming bigger, meeting people that inspire and challenge you. Start up weekend is an opportunity that develops similar experiences, exposing those that participate to the excitement of the start-up tech world.
“Startup Weekend in Malta has always received very interesting attention. We have participants from gaming, software, marketing and sometimes graduates. Moreover, the weekend is filled with discussions between people of varying cultures and ambitions that over a weekend challenge themselves and each other,” comments Malta-based event organiser Simon Azzopardi.
“What is great about the weekend is how team members and mentors force each other to think bigger. Not in a naïve way, rather in a manner that removes thoughts self-imposed restrictions. During the weekend, delegates get support from mentors who have been down the startup road.”
Startup weekend is a Google and Microsoft backed event that has had international success. With more than 8190 startups created around the world, it is a model that is second to none.
“Last year, startup weekend was a success. With over 60 delegates participating, with several flying to Malta just for the event, and three guys camping at Smart City to be closer to the action, this year we just had to do more. That is why this year we are stepping up the game by involving top names from the industry. We are bringing in mentors and coaches from TRC Entertainment and ex EA Games, RS2 and HP. This year, we have mentors flying in from overseas, Angels in the audience, and prizes that help make the startup dream a reality. All that is left is you to signup and be involved.” Startup weekend starts on the 4th April at Smart City and is open to anyone and everyone. Sign up at